Thursday, June 14, 2007

Wo Hu: Operation Undercover (Hong Kong 2006)

Wo Hu follows Police Chief Wai (Miu Kiu-Wai), who dedicates himself to combating the triads that plague his city. To shut down their grip on the city he implements Wo Hu: Operation Undercover. In a span of two years he has one thousand cop go undercover to infiltrate the triads. Resident triad leaders Jim (Eric Tsang), Walter (Francis Ng), Fei (Jordan Chan), and Tommy (Julian Cheung), each running a certain business for the low-profile triad head (Yueh Hua), are having a hard time believing the rumors that the organization is littered with so many moles. The solution? Take out the one's who raise suspicion. Jim has his doubts about Eric and sends some of his members to kill him. This puts the cops in an uproar, resulting in them leaning heavily upon the triads. Walter and Tommy are told to keep a low profile, but Tommy doesn't like this and thinks he's getting bullied by his fellow triad members. The cops are onto Tommy so he's forced to get of town. Jim takes over Tommy's businesses, even though Tommy doesn't seem to trust Jim, and has a plan of his own to deal with him.

There are a lot of things going on here in Wo Hu. There are the undercover cops, of which you only interact with three. One gets killed, one gives up and the other is only mentioned. The cops and their master plan all take a back seat just so we can interact with the triads and see how "real" they are as people. They have families, they fall in love with pretty shop girls, they have wives that get on their nerves, sick mothers, and even violin players for children. Oh, and they also have a boss that doesn't trust them entirely. The undercover angle seems to get lost in this mishmash of story telling. You never fill that there is a threat to the bosses, and Police Chief Wai just kinda hangs out, seemingly just to annoy the triads while recalling the days when he was undercover and how he did the unthinkable. Most of the time the bosses are hanging out wondering if they're the good guys or the bad. The acting is pretty good, because it's mostly Hong Kong A-list stars and the production quality is good. Ultimately, I feel like everyone just hangs out and lives life like us "normal" people, only they aren't, they're vicious triad members. I think Wo Hu just doesn't sit well, due to the fact it just felt like a wasted idea that could have been something more intense. (Converter)

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