Saturday, May 5, 2007

Twins Mission (Hong Kong 2007)

Twins Mission (Seung chi sun tau) centers on a martial arts school called "Twins", whose members are all twins (get it?). Some of the former members are now performing circus acts, including acrobats Pearl and Jade (Charlene Choi and Gillian Chung). Another former member Lau Hay (Wu Jing), whose twin brother is gravely ill, is commissioned to protect the mysterious "Heavens Bead" from Tibet, with assistance from Uncle Luck (Sammo Hung). However, some evil former Twins members steal the precious bead, prompting Uncle Luck to seek help from ex-Twins leader Chang Chung (Yuen Wah). Chang Chung then sends Pearl and Jade for a mission to uncover the "Heavens Bead". The girls have to fend off the rival twins who try to stop them every bit of the way. The evil set of Twins are after the bead, under the orders of Mr. Mok (Sek Sau). If Mr. Mok has the bead, he'll have leverage with Lillian (Jess Zhang), who owns land that he's after. The only reason she needs it is due to it magical healing properties that will cure her younger sister, Happy (Qiu Lier), who has cancer. Pearl and Jade end up with control of the Bead and try to help Lillian, but Mr. Mok gets the upper hand by kidnapping Lillian's sister Happy. Time for our girls to gear up for a little revenge and rescue.

The Twins are back for their twelfth movie together and boy is this one for the ages. The plot is what one might call a, "train wreck of sorts". There are tons of scenes that seem to exist for no reason whatsoever, and really do nothing to move the story forward in any way. Honestly, they just seem to confuse the viewer. Just when the plot verges on the edge of unbearable, there is a slight break for some action. Before you get too excited, all this means is you now get to see the girls replaced with obvious body doubles while the editing tries it's best to hide the fact that it's really not them. One the other hand, you do get Sammo Hung , Wu Jing, and Sek Sau, who do a pretty good job in their fight scenes, but that's to be expected. That being said, it's still not enough to recommend even to the biggest Twin fan. So in the end Twins Misson throws a lot at you, but the stuff it's throwing is a bevy of bad green screen and C.G. effects, plus tons of "wire-fu" fight scenes that just hurt the final product more than it helps. The Twins Mission is hopefully the last one we'll go on, but somehow I highly doubt it. (Converter)

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